How to Schedule Sending Messages in WSTool

In the latest version of WSTool there is a powerful scheduling function able to send messages automatically at a certain date and time. This function is active only in the PRO version of the program.

Here are the steps to follow to schedule the sending of Whatsapp messages from PC with WSTool.

Step 1. Store your Whatsapp account in WSTool

Open WsTool and at the top menu click on the ACCOUNTS. In the window that opens, click on the ADD button and write an indicative name for the account you are adding (eg “my personal account“).

After clicking on OK the Whatsapp Web page will open (in Google Chrome) and you have to scan that QR code using your mobile phone and the QR scanner of WhatsApp. To do this, open WhatsApp on your Android phone, go to the Chat> Menu> Web WhatsApp screen. If you have an iPhone go to Settings> WhatsApp Web.

After scanning the QR code, your Whatsapp account will be saved in the program and can be used to make all your Whatsapp Campaigns, even the scheduled ones, without having to scan a new QR code every time.

Step 2. Import your contacts (recipients) and write the message

Return to the WsTool home screen and click on the top left on IMPORT to enter the phone numbers of the contacts to reach. You can import contacts from csv / txt files or write them manually.

At the center of the program, in the “Message” section, you have to write the message you want to send to your contacts. You can also create different variations of the message (so that the recipients don’t all receive the same thing) and you can insert variables and “spintax” to personalize the message (useful to avoid spam reports).

You can of course also attach images, videos or documents (eg PDF).

Step 3. Schedule Sending

After you have imported the contacts and entered the message to be sent, click on the SEND button below. A first window will open with several warnings and then the following screen:

Select the second option (“Send from Saved accounts“), choose the Whatsapp account to use for sending and finally click on the button SCHEDULER.

A window will open where you can set the date and time of sending your messages.

After setting a date and time, click on the OK button and the countdown will appear on the right. At the end of the countdown, the message will be sent automatically (even in your absence).

At the end of the sending the program will show a warning that the message has been sent successfully.

If you wish, you can also set an end time (STOP), which will “pause” the sending at a certain time. This is optional.

NB: In order for everything to work properly it is important to leave the program open and make sure that Windows does not go into stand-by. Read about it how to disable sleep-mode on Windows.


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